Welcome to Petra

Where do you hold services? 
Petra currently assembles on Sunday afternoons at 2339 26th Ave, Missoula, Montana, at 4:00pm. 

I have not attended church in a long time.  Will I feel welcomed?
YES!  We realize that sometimes it is very difficult for people to make the committment to walk through the doors of a "church," especially if you do not know anyone.  Here at Petra you will be our honored guest. We will make you feel welcomed and loved.  

Do we have to dress up to come to church?   
No, please come as you are! 

I want more than just a "church service."  How is Petra different?  
Petra believes in relationship, not religion. While we do hold weekly meetings on Sunday, much like a traditional church does, and while we do have structure, Petra believes and practices the concept that true outreach and discipleship takes place outside the four-walls of a meeting room. We hold Life Group meetings ("Living in Fellowship Everyday"), we have various discipleship ministries (Petra Youth, Men's Ministry, etc.), and we believe in studying the Bible together in the intimacy of the home.  For Petra, church is our life, and we want to do life with you!   

What does Petra offer for children?
Petra is currently praying for the Lord to send us a Children's Ministries Pastor and a Youth Pastor. Petra is currently hosting a monthly youth Life Group.   

I have small children, and they may be disruptive during church.   
We love kids!  You are welcome to bring your children inside to participate with us. If that is inconvenient or uncomfortable for you, we have a nursery available and we have people ready and available to help you with your children. Please do not hesitate to ask one of our ushers or a Guest Services staff member.   

I would like to participate in Petra Life Groups. What do I do?
If you are interested in participating in a Life Group near you, please go to our "LIFE GROUPS" page and click the "Join Now" button. You will be connected with a Regional Coordinator who will direct you to the best Life Group to suit you!  

I am in need of prayer. Who do I contact? 
Please click our "contact us" button at the bottom of the home page and we will refer your contact to one of our prayer team leaders. We look forward to praying with you!